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Kratom is the leaf of a tropical evergreen tree, known as Mitragyna speciosa, native to Southeast Asia. It is cultivated on farms in Thailand but grows naturally in Malaysia and Indonesia. The leaves have been used by Southeast Asia natives for cultural stimulation and as a way to increase endurance and ease physical pain. 

Kratom has been known to have positive results with:

Increasing energy and focus

Helping with symptoms of depression 

Reducing anxiety

Boosting the immune system

Elevating mood

Reducing insomnia

Reducing inflammation

Eliminating fatigue

Symptoms of fibromyalgia


The three basic strains of kratom are red vein, white vein, and green vein. They all have their own unique qualities. Because of the way the strains are processed, they have their own unique levels of potency. 

Red veined kratom is known for its ability to relieve pain symptoms. Within the red vein family are three strains. They include: 

  • Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom is known for its ability to provide a sense of relaxation and manage pain symptoms. It is one of the strongest analgesics in the Mitragyna speciosa family.

  • Red Kali

Red Kali kratom is the more traditional strain of red kratom. It provides both a longer lasting relief from pain as well as a sense of relaxation.

  • Red Indo

Red Indo kratom has a little bit more of a stimulation effect and is used for a more mild form of pain relief and relaxation.

The white vein kratom strain is known more for its ability to provide a sense of euphoria along with boosts of energy. Within the white vein kratom family there are three strains, including:


  • White Vein Thai

The White Vein Thai kratom strain has the ability to increase energy and provide some mild pain relief.

  • White Vein Indo

White Vein Indo kratom has pain relief ability and can also provide a level of euphoria and dissociative effect.

  • White Vein Kali

White Vein Kali kratom provides some level of pain relief with sedative effects with a minimal effect on energy.

The green vein kratom strains are known for combining the pain relief properties of red vein kratom with the energy boost of white vein kratom. Within the green vein kratom family, there are four strains. They are:


  • Bali

Bali kratom provides relaxing pain relief and a gentle boost of euphoria.

  • Super Green Malaysian (SGM)

SGM kratom is a long-lasting kratom that gives a simple boost of energy without the loss of concentration.

  • Green Vein Kali

Green Vein Kali kratom is a blend of pain relief, relaxation and an energy boost all in one. 

  • Green Indo

Green Indo kratom combines an energy boost with a relaxing pain relief.

The extraction process is used to isolate the active alkaloids from the kratom leaves so that the extract can retain the highest purity and potency of kratom. This process produces a kratom product that is almost 50 times the potency of a normal dosage of kratom.  

With a regular use of kratom powder you may feel that you are no longer feeling the effects you had when you originally started using it. This may be because you have built up a tolerance as your body has become accustomed to the dose you were using at first. You may have found yourself taking more doses every few hours. Then you have to wait to feel the effects. Because a kratom extract is more powerful and potent, the kratom extract found in Candid Orange Flavored kratom may suit your needs.

There is 155 mg of kratom extract in each stickpack. There are two servings in each stickpack. 

Well, you can split the stickpack into two servings and add a half of the package into a 4 ounce glass of cold water or orange juice. Of, you can empty the whole pack into an 8 ounce bottle of water. 

Do not mix the Candid Orange Flavored kratom stickpack with drugs or alcohol. 

There have been no deaths reported from the use of kratom. If you don’t mix Candid Orange Flavored kratom with drugs or alcohol, the product is safe. 

No. There is not more of a potential for a “substance use disorder” than is found with caffeine, according to the American Kratom Association. Dietary supplements such as St. John’s Wort and nutmeg are comparable to kratom in terms of the potential for addiction.

You should be able to see some of the following effects of  using Candid Orange Flavored kratom:

  • Less everyday muscle aches and pains
  • Less muscle pain after exercise
  • More relaxation
  • Less fatigue
  • An elevation of your mood
  • A boost to your energy and focus