About Candid Orange Flavored Kratom

Kratom, in powdered form, is extremely bitter. Some people try to mask its bitterness by blending it into a tea or adding it to a glass of juice. No matter what they do, they just can’t get rid of that long lasting bitter taste. 

Now there’s a solution
Candid Orange Flavored kratom

Candid Orange Flavored kratom masks 99% of the bitter kratom taste and dissolves in a cold glass of water or orange juice. All you have to do is mix it in and enjoy!

Candid Orange Flavored kratom is made with a kratom extract that has 45% mitragynine. Kratom extracts are more powerful and potent than kratom leaves or powders and give you a whole new way to experience the benefits and effects of kratom. In fact, a kratom extract has almost 50 times the potency of a normal dose of kratom powder. 

You don’t have to use a lot of kratom when you use a kratom extract. The Candid Orange Flavored kratom stickpack contains 155 mg of kratom extract in a 6 gram stickpack. Each stickpack has 2 servings per stickpack.  


Is there enough kratom in the stickpack for me?

Only you can decide what dose works best for you. The Candid Orange Flavored kratom stickpack contains 155 mg of a very potent kratom extract. Keep in mind that kratom extracts are more powerful and you will need less than your normal dosage. In the long run, you’ll use less kratom but get better results!

Extracts are made in many different ways which means there are many different types of extracts available. Most kratom extracts are made commercially in labs with expensive equipment. In general, extracts are much more potent than kratom leaves or powder.

What are alkaloids?

Mitragynine is the most potent alkaloid found in kratom and Candid Orange Flavored kratom contains a kratom extract with 45% mitragynine. Mitragynine binds to the alpha-adrenergic receptors in your cells and contains both calming and energizing effects, depending on the dose you take. The most common effects from the use of kratom include an ability to intensely concentrate and focus, a natural feeling of physical energy, relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression, relief from stress, muscle relaxation, a regulation of sleep schedules, a boost in immune response, an increase in sexual drive and a longer sexual performance, feelings of euphoria, joy, and optimism. It’s unknown if this is because of the mitragynine but it is thought that the interaction of all of the alkaloids in kratom may produce these effects. Studies are currently underway to explore some of the health benefits that have been found in the use of kratom including the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that some users have experienced. 

How can I boost my alkaloid intake?

Many users look for ways to increase the potency of the kratom products they consume. Depending on the strain of kratom and the dosage that works for an individual, newer techniques of using an extract of kratom have been developed. An extract is created by boiling down the kratom leaves to create potent resins, powders, and tinctures that are densely populated with alkaloids. 

When adding extracts to a conventional powdered kratom, or taking the extract in smaller doses, you are able to intensify the power of the kratom. Candid Orange Flavored kratom contains 155 mg of kratom extract in each 6-gram stick pack and is the only powdered kratom drink mix in existence that is soluble in water or juice.